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Art is everywhere! Our walls feature art by local Black, Indigenous, and other artists of colour.  Space available to show your art. 

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Presently we have the following pieces on display.

PJ Patten

PJ is a local artist of mixed Japanese descent who works in illustration, graphic novels, painting, and tattoos.

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instagram/ @pjpattenillustration

twitter / @wabisabi1977

Sherida Charles


Mixed media Diptych on plywood and doorskin panels,  begun 1998.  Touchups/completion 2020

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Iris Mes Low


A 3rd Generation, artist Mes-Low apprenticed from 1985 onwards with several artists over three years in The Netherlands and then worked as an artist, illustrator & muralist.
In 1991, she made a permanent move to the West Coast of Canada from The Netherlands where Mes-Low continued studies in art at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, BC.

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Sade Alexis

History of This Place

 Sade Alexis is a black woman artist whose practice revolves around creating ethical representations of Black folks that focus on beauty, complexity, and ingenuity rather than the typical stories of pain and oppression often associated with Blackness. History of This Place works to represent Black heroes from so called Vancouver, which is a history that often goes overlooked or completely disregarded.

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Noel Brown

Bear and Egle

Noel is a member of the Coast Salish and Kwagulth people and a resident of Nanaimo. He works in a variety of media – silver, gold, platinum jewelry. Red and yellow cedar totum poles, plaques, masks and ornaments.

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Eden Fine Day

Wrong and Sad Girl 1

Eden Fine Day is a Plains Cree singer/songwriter, writer and artist from the sweet grass first nation in Saskatchewan. She was raised in East Vancouver and now lives in Burnaby with her husband and two children.

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Shalo Lyn

The Guitar

Shalo Lyn is an Artist from Campbell River B.C. Discovering
Mixed Media lead her down a path of creating unique
pieces that express a moment in time or a heartfelt

“The Guitar” is a piece that brings her back in time to a quaint pub situated in a small town in rural Ontario. A concert called “Women in Guitar” performed by 4 extraordinary women. The incredible sounds that prevailed struck Shalo with awe and from that moment she fell in love with the guitar.

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